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    I'm interested in purchasing this phone, but have been reading mixed reviews, particularly comments from disgruntled owners about shortcomings of the phone in terms of it's build quality and overall usability. I'm curious as to this forum's views and whether I'm only considering minority of those unfortunate enough to get a bad batch! I'm looking to purchase this phone online, hence am not interested in shipping a faulty product back and forth. Appreciate feedback, cheers.

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    Re: Nokia 6111 - Comments on build/overall quality

    the 6111 is a girly phone, all my female friends have it. If ur a guy, dont even get it. Its a chick phne

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    Re: Nokia 6111 - Comments on build/overall quality

    It does look like a bubbly phone, just like the Siemens SL56. If that's what you're going for, to attract girls and make them say "that's so cute", then go for it. But if you're wondering how well it will function, it's a Nokia after all. That right there will give you little doubt that it will hold up. Probably the reviews that you're that are negative s because some of them are nit picky, they point out anything that they don't like and embellish it. The only way to see if you like it is to try it out yourself.

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