I have the wonderful Nokia 640 that I want to copy or extract ringtones to my Android (Asus) phone. I did get one of the ringtones from a site that I found (AT&T-related) and have it as my main phone's ring.

The notification for text message tone is the genuine one that I would Like to get!
But i'm trying to see (now) how i can copy that and the rest of tones right off the phone and tried the side by side method of android to android and yes they paired fine but to extract the tones to the phone's is where i'm at and wondered if I need actual updating of the phone's software because it's been off or I have the one cell phone. It may be that i'll have to update the windows and where i left off it was 8.1 or win. 8(?).

Any helpful ideas or recommends, appreciated!

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