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    I have lots of ideas for Hidden Content , but I am not very good with computers. I know I can make some money with the ideas I have. I have ideas for wallpapers and videos and ringtones, but I don’t know where I can go to make my ringtones. Where can you find software to make ringtones? I don’t want to use other people’s music or audio. I have seen people put nice stuff on Hidden Content .
    I have downloaded a few videos for my cellphone, and I want to show my creativity to the world. Once I upload stuff, I will just wait for people to start buying, but I have to learn how to do the basic things. Does anyone know how I can create ringtones on my own?

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    Re: Ringtone Ideas For Cellphones

    I'm not sure about how to make them, but that OffSpot site looks pretty cool. I am always changing my ringtones and so far I haven't figured out how to make them so I buy them. Pretty cheap on that site, plus I like the idea that it's supporting individual artists and musicians.

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    Re: Ringtone Ideas For Cellphones

    I personally use mp3Trim to cut my mp3's down to usable sizes. i'm not entirely sure what format you'd want to convert it to but the program SUPER might be of some help, i use it for my videos. My Fusic takes mp3's through bitpim so it doesn't matter for me. hope this helps some.

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