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    Just wondering if anyone's had any experience. good or bad, with canceling a Rogers personal cellphone plan (18 months into a 3 year Couples Plan) because their company now provides a phone/blackberry, etc., also thru Rogers.

    My situation is such that my company, also subscribing thru Rogers, provides me with a Blackberry now, and hence I'm running up significantly more charges, including int'l calling to USA and Europe, than I ever would with my personal phone. They also permit local personal calls, so there's not much use for my Couples plan anymore.

    I'm also a Rogers VIP customer, and have all my other services with them (Cable, Hi speed, Home Phone)

    It seems like a good case: allow me to cancel a $20.00/mo plan (really really basic Couples plan from 18 months ago that had 250 minutes on 2 phones) while running a $300.00+/mo bill on the company Blackberry. I win, and can ditch a useless cellphone, and Rogers wins because they're making heaps more off me through the company.

    Any insiders have an opinion? Does this sort of thing irk Rogers reps? I'm happy with their services overall, so I'm not trying to shirk responsibilities here, just don't really feel i should have to fork over a huge cancellation fee when Rogers is going to be making heaps off me anyway.

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    Re: Canceling personal Cellphone as my Company now provides one

    post the plan up on cellplandepot or cellclients (i really dislike owner of this site though)

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