NOTE: Assuming that you wish to learn how you can back up your personal data on the Samsung Galaxy Young 2, then you should visit this link for a full guide

Restoring Application Data:

  1. On the Young 2, sign in with the Google or Samsung account used for backing up the apps
  2. Access the phone's "Settings" menu
  3. Tap "Accounts" under "User and Backup"
  4. Select "Samsung" or "Google", and tap your "email address" at the upper side of the screen
  5. Tap "Sync all" and then press "Back" to return to the "User and Backup" menu
  6. Tap "Backup and reset", and mark, then clear the check boxes next to "Back up my data" and "Automatic restore"

Restoring Contacts

Restoring Contacts from a Samsung or Google Account:

  1. Log in with your Samsung or Google account
  2. While on the home screen, tap "Apps"
  3. Tap "Settings" and swipe to "User and Backup"
  4. Go to "Accounts" and select "Samsung" or "Google" (depending on the type of account you have used for the backup)
  5. Tap the "email address" located at the top of the screen
  6. Mark the "Sync Contacts" check box, and tap "Sync now"

Restoring Contacts from the SD Card:

  1. Open the "Contacts" application
  2. Go to the "Contacts" tab
  3. Press "Menu" and tap "Settings" > "Contacts"
  4. Tap "Import / Export" and choose to "Import from SD card"
  5. Select an account if necessary, and tap the VCF file to import its contents

Restoring Media Files

Restoring Media Files from the Device's Storage:

  1. Launch the apps drawer and open the "My Files" app
  2. Tap "All files" > "SD card"
  3. Press "Menu" and tap "Select"
  4. Mark the check boxes next to the folders / files you wish to restore
  5. Press "Menu" and tap "Move"
  6. Select "Device storage", and navigate to where you wish to restore the media files
  7. Tap "Move here", or tap "Create folder" in order to restore the files in a different location

Restoring Media Files stored on a Windows Computer:

  1. Establish a connection between the Young 2 and computer via USB
  2. Swipe the "Status" bar down and tap "Connected as a media device"
  3. Mark the "Media device (MTP)" check box
  4. Click "Open device to view files" on the computer
  5. Open a second Windows Explorer window on the PC, and navigate to where the files are backed up on the computer
  6. Copy the files you wish to restore, and navigate to the "Card" or "Phone" directory on your phone
  7. Paste the files in the desired location
  8. After the transfer is complete, click the "Mass storage device" icon located in the system tray and safely disconnect your smartphone

Restoring Media Files from a Mac Computer:

  1. Connect the Young 2 to your Mac via USB
  2. Drag the "Status" bar down and tap "Connected as a media device"
  3. Mark the check box next to "Media device"
  4. Launch Kies on the Mac and access the "Back up / Restore" tab
  5. Click the "Restore" tab
  6. Mark the "Music" and / or "Photo" check boxes, or tap "Select all items" if you wish to restore all media files
  7. Click "Restore" to begin the process, and follow any self-explanatory steps if necessary
  8. After the process is complete, click the Young 2 hard drive on the Mac's desktop > eject, and safely disconnect the smartphone

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