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    How do I block a person from calling me or people who are not on my telephone contact list? if you know email me at [LINK REMOVED].

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    Re: Samsun SPH A840 Block Number

    Hi there, and welcome to the forums! I removed your email address from the post for your own good, it's not really wise to post it in a public forum, you'll be getting tons of spam in no time. Not because of us, but because of search engines spidering our site, and a lot of spammers are using spiders to seek out email addresses to send their trashy spam to as well.

    Besides, this is a forum and when people ask questions we generally expect other people to reply in the thread, so it can be helpful not just to you, but also to other members of the community who might be wondering the same thing. So, I hope you understand, I'm looking out for you but also for the rest of our community.

    Here's the answer to your question: (Assuming you have Sprint unless you're in Canada) Sprint is unable to block individual numbers from calling your phone, but you can set a silent ringer so you won't be bothered when they call. Record a 3-second "blank" voice memo in a quiet room, and set it for your "no caller id" ringtone. Then, if anyone calls who isnt in your phone book, the phone won't make a sound. I'm afraid this is about the only thing you can do, but it's a good solution for most people who have a similar problem. As a matter of fact, I am using a silent voice memo for someone's ringer and couldn't be happier since they quit bugging me.
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