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    Good night

    First of all I'm sorry for not making a proper introduction about myself (usually, in many other forums, you have to before making your first post) but I'm quickly getting to the gates of madness with all the hassle I've been having with this Samsung I bought 2 days ago.

    I'll give you a brief intro to this situation: my father owns a Honda Civic Hybrid II Portugal/EU version from 2009 and his SE w880i, after working for a week or so with the car's Bluetooth system, got messed up and stopped being able to make calls (as in, if I choose a number to call from the phone the hands free system audio wouldn't work - the audio only worked with incoming calls). After searching over the net we realized there was some sort of issue between some Sony Ericssons and the Honda's Hands Free System, and since the phone was already a few years old, we decided to buy another one.

    Enter the Samsung B5702, the one which is able to have 2 SIM cards working at the same time. We bought it because my father had to use two phones (one with his business SIM card and another one with his non-professional SIM) and also because, WE HOPED, it would work with the Honda's bluetooth system. Turns out it worked once, kinda like the Sony Ericsson did, and then stopped working. But, well, the issue with the car isn't of the utmost importance, if I don't figure it out we'll just take the car to Honda and make them fix it (because it's surely a problem with the car's equipment, not with the phones)

    Well, since my father used the Sony Ericsson as his business phone it turns out he has 572 contacts! I figured out how to do a backup to Outlook Express with all those contacts (through the Sony Ericsson PC Studio) but now I'm unable to restore those contacts to the Samsung!

    And believe me when I say I'm going mad! I looked everywhere on how to import contacts from the PC to the Samsung B5702 and I found nothing, at all! It's like that phone doesn't exist! And the Samsung New PC Studio is an half-assed excuse of a "synchronization program". It's like they cared more about it's looks than it's functionality! I didn't find any way of importing contacts (unless I had another Samsung phone, which isn't the case) in it.

    Just so you know I actually tried to copy all those 570 contacts to a SIM card I've got. When it got to the 270th contact or so it was completely full. But well, those smartasses from Sony Ericsson decided I couldn't delete various contacts at the same time (either I delete them all at once or just one of them) and so I'm not able to delete all those contacts to the 270th contact and there's no way of copying the rest of them. My idea was to copy all those contacts to the extra SIM card I've got and then copy the contacts from that SIM card to the Samsung's memory. Just imagine my face of sheer horror when I realized, after manually selecting those 270 contacts, that I couldn't delete them.

    So, please, help me - how do I import contacts from a Sony Ericsson w880i to a Samsung B5702 ???

    I'm looking forward to your replies, thanks


    See More: Importing contacts from a Sony Ericsson w880i to a Samsung B5702
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