I am facing a unique issue that looks standard on the surface, so if you could please read, here is a challenge for your gray cells.

Model: SM-925W8

I have a Samsung S6 Edge that was rooted once, but I had it unrooted sometime back. So I wanted to reset this phone, I try doing it from Settings. It prompts me for my Samsung account. I enter the credentials but the “in progress” and “signing in” icons flas for 1-2 seconds and nothing happens. Like it stays on the same login screen. So I move on to shut down the device (this was a big mistake as you will later realize).

I do the vol up + home + power button and go through the reset. When setting up, it prompts me with the Samsung account screen. But when I enter the credentials, it does the same thing as above. I research online, and learn about FRP. I try many things including – resetting Samsung password, bypassing factory reset through SamFw tool, flashing the phone, removing Samsung account from my new phone. All this has been in vain. If I try to enter other Samsung login or incorrect password for this login, then it says “invalid login or password”. This means that my phone is somewhere authenticating the login, its just not accepting it.

With SamFw, it says that the bypass has been successful, but when restarted, it lands on the login view. When I do back, nothing happens, it takes me back to same screen. At this point, the only thing I could do is flash the phone. I tried to get Samsung support, but they wouldn’t help me (its also older phone, so no point pushing when its out of warranty).

At this point, I am willing to try anything.

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