Not long ago we told you that the new version of Motorola Razr called Razr 5G this time, will not be a Verizon exclusive.

T-Mobile will offer the device as well and for a great price.

If you are looking forward to buying the new Motorola Razr 5G you might want to think about the T-Mobile version.

The network offers the device at $1,399.99 full retail, and you can get it with 24 monthly installments of $58.34.

However there are other plans that can help you to reduce the price. If you activate a new line and trade-in an eligible device, you'll only pay half of that amount. Alternatively, without activating a new line, and just with a trade-in, you can be reduced to $400 off the price.

The offer looks really good and will enable more users to obtain the new Motorola product.

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