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    The Vodafone Nexus One which still has the Android 2.1 will soon be upgrading to Froyo. this is happening as soon as next week. Google had released the Android Froyo 2.2 some time ago but Vodafone. Vodafone that the upgrade to Froyo will not happen at the same time due to it will happen over the air, but all Vodafone Nexus One users should receive the upgrade.

    Vodafone wanted t fix a couple of things with Google's new OS before launching the Froyo. Although Vodafone's Nexus One will receive the Froyo upgrade, the Amazon MP3 store and Google Goggles in the ROM will not be available. Customers wanting these will have to download them from the Android Market.

    Since the WiFi tethering hotspot is automatically set to open, customers will have to manually turn on the WPA in order to secure it.

    via: Vodafone Nexus One getting its official Froyo update over the next week | Android Central

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