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    Hey all new to the forums and love it so far.

    I found out how to convert MP3 to adp files for my blackberry but how do I send the files to the phone. I have the cable connected to the unit and that works fine. But I do not see how to send them to the phone. THanks in advance


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    you can't send them straight to your phone via the data cable. You have to host them online to download them again. I believe if you upload the file to www.coolservice.dk/en/compatibilities.php and write down the 6 digit code, and then in your black berry go to wap.coolservice.dk and enter the code given to you, you can download the ringer.
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    Re: Blackberry 7100

    hello ,
    i have a blackberry which developed a problem, that is , i cannot when someone calls me or if i make a call i cannot hear the other side but they can hearme clearly .... Any suggestions

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