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    my mom wants a blackberry but i don't think it's safe with all the news

    See More: blackberry going down

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    I just read a press release saying that RIM is going to be let off (for lack of a better term) on the so-called copyright infringements.

    Kinda sounds like Microsoft, doesn't it?

    As an alternative, I strongly recommend the Palm 1 Treo 650. It is a beautiful handheld, as I've just recently got the chance to demo one for the store. I don't know what I'm going to do when they want it back.
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    even if it is ruled that they infringed upon the patent of that other company, they have already come up with another email push service that is suppose to replace what they use now. there is to be no interruption in the service so everything appears to be OK. more information can be found on blackberry's site: http://www.blackberry.com/news/press/index.shtml

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    there is no way that RIM will cease it's services.... The government has too much invested in them.... All the government branches use Blacberry's. They are not going away.... BTW i own a Treo 650. It is a good phone but it does definatley have it's issues. I have talked to a ton of folks who have a Blackberry and they do not have any software issue like the Treo has. I have had 3 different Treos.... When they work they are great. When they dont work, it really sucks...

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