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    what is the difference between a blackberry and a sidekick? which one would be better to buy ?

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    Re: Differences ?

    it really depends on what you will use it for the most. the sk has a phone, camera with a flash, and one of the better layouts for someone who is into text messaging. the blackberry's don't have a camera, but they do have bluetooth. and the newer blackberrys operate on the latest high speed wireless networks and can run certain Windows applications. the newest blackberry, the 8700, actually allows for text and attachments to be sent together. if you check out www.ushopwireless.com/cr, you can read up on the differences between the top PDA phones.

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    Re: Differences ?

    the blackberry is more of a business tool, where the sidekick is a consumer product. The blackberry interfaces with corporate exchange mail servers and the sidekick does not, it will only get email from a pop3 or webbased systems.

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