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    i have 2 cell phones right now (sidekickII, and a slver). i use the sidekick for Aim, texting and internet, and my slver as a phone. my sidekick contract will be up next month and i am not sure if i want to re-new it. i was intested in a blackberry so that i would only have 1 bill, but i dont knoe alot about them...do any of the blackberrys have aim on it like the sidekick does?? Does any one have any suggestions of what i should do (keep sidekick or get blackberry)..or any more info on blackberrys

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    AIM on the blackberry works great with free aftermarket software. They are very nice but the data plans are either 39.99 or 49.99 depending on which you get which does not include your voice service. if all you want it for is texting and AIM it is likely not cost effective to go with the blackberry.

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