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    RESTON, Va., and WATERLOO, ON. — 09/20/2006

    Sprint (NYSE: S) and Research In Motion (RIM) (Nasdaq: RIMM; TSX: RIM) today introduced the BlackBerry® 8703e from Sprint with updated features, including EV-DO support and Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) capability in a sleek and light design. The BlackBerry 8703e is the latest BlackBerry handset offered by Sprint that is capable of taking advantage of broadband-like speeds provided by the Sprint Power Vision(SM) Network(1) - the nation’s largest mobile broadband network covering more than 157 million people in 216 major metropolitan areas as well as 486 airports across the nation. The BlackBerry 8703e enhances productivity, extends the workplace, and provides Sprint customers flexibility for managing life on the go.

    "Sprint is providing mobile professionals the ability to leverage every available moment, by making those available moments more productive," said Danny Bowman, vice president of product marketing for Sprint. "Mobile professionals, as well as working families, are looking for ways to stay in touch, and a mobile handset like the BlackBerry 8703e can give them the peace of mind and flexibility they are looking for so that they can continue to be productive and do what they want, when they want."

    BlackBerry 8703e powered by Sprint

    The BlackBerry 8703e provides complete BlackBerry functionality at broadband-like speeds (average download speeds of 400-700kpbs and up to 2Mbps peak speeds(2)) to deliver a dynamic, highly responsive experience when downloading attachments and graphics, browsing the Web and running wireless applications. It can also be used as a tethered modem in conjunction with a laptop for high-speed Internet and data application access anywhere Sprint has Power Vision Network coverage.

    The BlackBerry 8703e includes integrated GPS (assisted-GPS) enabled through Sprint to deliver support for popular location-based services to mobile users, such as turn-by-turn driving directions to any address, anywhere on the Nationwide Sprint PCS Network.

    With additional key features like email, phone, browser, organizer, Bluetooth® wireless technology, speakerphone, high-resolution color display and full QWERTY keyboard the BlackBerry 8703e is designed to provide customers with a rich phone and messaging experience in an all-in-one, stylish device.

    Key features include:
    • Sprint Mobile Broadband enabled on the Sprint Power Vision Network, the nation’s largest mobile broadband network
    • Fast Web browsing, application performance and attachment viewing
    • GPS-enabled to support location-based services
    • BlackBerry "push" technology
    • Phone-as-modem capability
    • Bluetooth® wireless technology headset and car kit support
    • High-resolution color LCD screen, automatically adjusts lighting for indoor and outdoor viewing
    • Complete, high-end phone features including speakerphone, dedicated "send," "end" and "mute" keys, plus user-definable "convenience" keys
    • Bluetooth® 2.0 to support wireless headsets and car kits
    • 64MB of flash memory to store and run powerful enterprise, personal productivity and game applications
    • Integrated attachment viewing for popular file formats

    [Link to Original Article] [More Sprint Nextel News]

    See More: Sprint and RIM Introduce Blackberry 8703e Featuring Mobile Broadband and GPS
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    Re: Sprint and RIM Introduce Blackberry 8703e Featuring Mobile Broadband and GPS

    Thanks for this news. Such a great site!!! love it

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    Re: Sprint and RIM Introduce Blackberry 8703e Featuring Mobile Broadband and GPS

    Very cool site.. Thank you for the information. I too have an 8703e and I have already found features on this phne I was unaware of until coming here

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