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    Re: ANYONE own a BLACKBERRY? Question about internet! :)

    To me, the Palm is a cell phone that has a lot of interesting apps on it, and can access the internet.
    The Blackberry is an email machine, that also has a cell phone..
    With a treo you spend quite a while setting up the email client, on a blackberry, you spend time setting up the email server, then your email simply works.

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    Re: ANYONE own a BLACKBERRY? Question about internet! :)

    I have owned Blackberries from the early 90's until now (ranging from 7250,7290, 7100r, 8700r, 8100/Pearl, 8800 and now the 8300 Curve). RIM has improved and added a few extras to their devices such as speaker-phone, expandable memory capacity, camera and GPS mapping. RIM has always focused the products towards business users and thus the high price point.

    Paulcman has covered the basic difference amongst email devices that are in the market right now. If you are interested in 'surfing' the net and/or looking to find a near-replacement to a PC then the RIM Blackberry is not a viable solution. The new HTC TyTN II or HTC Touch - Full phone specifications or HTC's Advantage X7500 or even the i-mate Ultimate 7150 would be a better choice. However they work on Microsoft's New WINDOWS MOBILE 5.0 or 6.0 Pocket PC Phone Edition platform which some have found to be slow and unstable as users add on additional programs.

    The BB however, provides users the ability to make quick checks on websites but because RIM's focus (as stated before) is on business users mostly; RIM assumes that business users are in close proximity of computers on a daily basis and therefore need not something too fancy. I have used BB for a long while and know people who use BBs; we use the email function primarily. Even the camera function can be a hindrance because corporation/government department have office policy against the use of camera phones. Wifi are not allowed too sometimes to ensure security and to prevent 'hackers' into the system.

    In addition, the BB has many intuitive features that make user's day so much more efficient. For example, when you are typing out an email the device will add a period when you press 'space' twice and capitalize the next word automatically as you continue typing. 2nd example, when you enter an email address in the contact address the BB will populate the @ sign after entering a space then when a "." after the second space you enter. (this is so convenient for individuals who email ALOT) and last but not least users are able to call directly from their calender or email or text message without needing to "select" then "paste" then "call". All you need to is scroll to the number and the BB will automatically highlight the number and by pressing the "talk" button the user will be able to initiate the call right away.

    The previous is just my opinion and may not reflect the opinions of all other BB users.

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    Re: ANYONE own a BLACKBERRY? Question about internet! :)

    I have had a Treo 750 and now i have the curve. the treo is nice because its 3G but i like the BB because the battery life is GREAT...its all on what you do on the internet.

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    Re: ANYONE own a BLACKBERRY? Question about internet! :)

    I have BB 8300, and for sufing web Im using Opera browser on it. It's not the same thing like on normal computer of cours, but Im very satisfied with the most pages view. And if you often need to see your e-mails when you are not near computer you should buy it, but if you only wants to surf the web, then you should buy some HTC phone.

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