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    Just transitioned over to Verizon BB 8830 from Treo 650 Palm and loving it so far.

    My question - I've tried to use some 3rd party ringtones and am having problems. Can load them successfully, but when i activate, I can't get the volume up high enough. And I've got the volume settings in "Profiles" maxed.

    Any suggestions?

    Would like to find the best MP3 ringtone site that works.


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    Re: Blackberry 8830 new user - Ringtones

    Simply load some :30sec MP3 clips on your memory card in the ringtones folder and you will not have any of those volume problems. When you download from the internet you will not get the same kind of quality.
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    Re: Blackberry 8830 new user - Ringtones

    exactly. The way i handle my 8830 and ringtones is to upload them onto my phones added memory directly using the software provided with the phone (i have verizon, but I assume the software is all the same) or an online uploader. There should be a folder designated for ringtones. If you drop them in there they'll automatically be recognized and be at full volume.

    if that doesn't solve the problem, then the actual ringtone has been saved with too low of a volume. In this case, load them up into Audacity (gotta love Audacity!), raise the volume on the file, and re-save it. It may be easier to just find a new ringtone though (or use audacity to make one).

    best of luck!

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