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    well i just got a blackberry pearl. beside all the organizing i can do is there anything i can do for fun? when i had a razr there was mods for it, can someone tell me were i can get some cool info to do fun stuff with my cell? come on it came with the link cable to connect it to a comp, that means there has to be something. thanks in advance for any help.

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    Re: Just got Pearl, any mods or fun things i can do?

    There are a ton of cool things you can do with your Pearl. I've had mine for about ten months and I'm still finding out new apps. First, there are a ton of customizing options available for free download. Surf the forum sites, pinstack.com is a favorite of mine. Themes, wallpapers, ringtones... Then check out how to put the awesome video player to use. I suggest getting a media card. I found mine on amazon for ten bucks plus like eleven dollars shipping, but still worth it for a 1GB. It also has a good mp3 player, but I suggest getting headphones because the speaker leaves a bit to be wanted. And one more must have, the program that changes the color of your trackball. A free trial is available at handango.com, its good for about two weeks then you have to pay for it. 4.95, and I love it. Good luck, keep learning and surfing. Blackberry is a whole world in and of itself.

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    Re: Just got Pearl, any mods or fun things i can do?

    A Pearl is GREAT for mods! like Cuty9mm said pinstack.com is a great site

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