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    Re: Sd fix for blackberry

    Quote Originally Posted by lerouxito View Post
    descarguen el archivo desde esta direccion:
    2: descompriman los dos archivos en una carpeta en su escritorio de su pc
    3: ejecuten el archivo: mass storage activator
    una sola vez luego les va a pedir que aplasten una tecla para continuar no lo hgas y desconecta el dispositivo
    4: espera que se re inicie a veces re re inicia bien en otros casos aparece un error de RESET saca la bateria y enciende otra vez el movil y listo el problema de la sd solucionado

    1. download the file from this address:

    2: unzip the two files in a folder on your desktop of your computer
    3: execute the file: mass storage Activator
    once then they will be asked to flatten key to a hgas not continue on and off the device
    4: expected to start re re re sometimes starts in other cases an error in RESET removed the battery and turn again and is ready for the problem solved sd
    I don't get #1and #3
    download what file from what adress? and whtas hgas?

    See More: micro sd card not working - blackberry pearl

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    Re: micro sd card not working - blackberry pearl

    Sorry for reposting but I still don't get it....
    Can someone please thoroughly explain to me how can I reformat my SD car for my Blackberry Curve 8310?

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    Re: micro sd card not working - blackberry pearl

    I have a problem with my memory card to. I bought a new micro sd card and it won't recognize it in my phone or in my computer.

    Just kidding! It works now... I had to update the OS so it would allow 4g cards
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