So the Pearl with T-Mobile from Amazon is 1 penny, and you get $100 back ($50 from carrier and $50 from Amazon), so $100 back.

However, there are conditions. One being that unlike directly with T-Mobile, you have to sign up for at least the $20 Blackberry plan alongside your minute plan *and* keep it for six months.

Has anyone used Amazon and changed to lower plans after the six months? How did you calculate the six months, paying 6 statements? Don't want to quit it too soon or something, if I did.

When the six months is up, I'd prefer to switch to the $9.99 email only plan, or maybe none at all, if I end up not using the email much.

Being forced into the $20 data plan for 6 months still seems worth it since the phone is completely free, and you get $100 back, but I wanted to make sure people don't seem to have much trouble doing things like this Amazon? There deals pull through ok?

Many thanks.

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