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    Using a Razr at the moment and never thought I would need email access when away from the office/home.

    Well, went to FL for a little R&R and while playing golf, missed a few emails that should have been answered ASAP. Did not check them until back at the condo after 5:30PM.

    Went and looked at the 8130 Pearl at the Verizon booth and it looked very nice.

    Here is what I need:

    Phone (of course)
    Email access (AOL)
    Bluetooth (car)

    Very simple and eazy. Small size is a plus.

    Is the 8130 the way to go or should I be looking at something else?


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    Re: 8130 or Not?

    I too had the Razr, and have just switched to the BB 8130, well worth the money, just hope you find a good data plan as you will use this device more than you can anticipate.

    Phone sounds great, much better than the Razr.
    Emailing is simple, and easy.
    Bluetooth works very well, and easy to add devices / find devices.

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