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    I just got a Blackberry 7100i under Nextel from my brother. I have an At&t/Cingular Sim Card which fits perfectly. When I turn it on, it works recognizes my number, but says sim card error!

    Please give me the unlock code, I know it can be done, because I have a friend who did it, but he has "memory loss" about it!

    If you need my IMEI it's: 010000417823200. If you can help me successfully I will recommend you to everyone.

    Oh, and please tell me how to put the code in, step by step!

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    Re: Unlocking Blackberry 7100i under Nextel!!! Please Help!!!

    Unfortunately despite the fact that the Nextel phone takes a sim card it will not work on AT&T service. AT&T and Nextel run on two completely different networks and even if you do get the unlock code for the BlackBerry it still will not work with AT&T service. It is simply not compatible


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