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    The leader of the free world just may get to keep his beloved BlackBerry.

    A report posted on the Internet Wednesday evening by Atlantic Magazine's Marc Ambinder cited an unnamed source as saying that President Obama was being given a super-encrypted version of the popular e-mailing smartphone.

    It wasn't clear whether Obama's personal BlackBerry was being upgraded, or if he was getting an entirely new unit.

    A call made by FoxNews.com to the Obama transition team -- a White House phone number did not pick up -- was not immediately returned.

    All presidential e-mails are subject to disclosure laws, and it's nearly impossible to make any Internet-connected device or cell phone absolutely safe from hackers or spies.

    Former President George W. Bush regretfully sent out a final e-mail to friends and family as he took office eight years ago. It's not clear whether he's able to use e-mail again now that he's a private citizen again.

    But White House aides routinely carry BlackBerrys, which are presumably highly encrypted for security reasons.

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    Re: Obama Will Get Super-Secure BlackBerry

    +1 for Obama. What model?

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    Re: Obama Will Get Super-Secure BlackBerry

    Our news said the Blackberry Storm...

    This would make sense because Obama has had past history with Verizon. But I wouldn't know why he would go through them since employees were caught viewing his private account. Verizon dealt with the issue well.

    Quote Originally Posted by sshocksock View Post
    +1 for Obama. What model?
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