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    Please help me...I have a Blackberry pearl with Telus..for some reason unknown, Telus is not able to make video or picture text messaging work on a blackberry..which i think is rediculous..Someone told me about some third party application I could download onto my cell to make the video and picture text messaging work but.. they cannot remember the name of it..if anyone knows the name of this application or knows of any other way to solve my problem I will love you forever lol...plz help I really need it before I brake this phone..

    thank you in advance

    Soconfused xoxox

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    Re: Telus Blackberry - no video or picture text messaging?

    yes I have the same problem!!! as I have a picture to sent to someone without internet service I was able to sent pics attached to a txt msg on my LG 8600, Now I upgrade to a Blackberry 8130 and no longer have this option, Yes it is nice to have other options as email, Bluetooth and blackberry messager but The person who would be recieving the image doesnt have these option is because of the phone, or the provider Telus Not cool at all!!!!

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