Blackberry 9000 Bold Series (480*320)

Drop that mallet and bring the thrill of the arcade everywhere with EA Air Hockey! Complete objectives in up to 3 difficulty modes against the computer, or compete against a friend in head-to-head air hockey play! Turn on power-ups and use them against your opponent for more crazy game action! EA Air Hockey Mobile brings all the excitement of the classic arcade favorite to your mobile's screen, with a simple one button control that makes crushing your opponent fun and easy!


Features may vary by handset

* One button control
* Solo play vs. computer opponent
* One-on-one head-to-head mode (2 players on the same phone)
* Arcade mode with 9 "power up" items
* Three difficulty levels


Starting the game
First, highlight "EA Air Hockey" in the game menu on your phone. Once the game is highlighted, press the "OK" button to start the game. After two splash screens, the game's main menu will appear.

Game Objectives
EA Air Hockey is a single player casual sports game. It is based on the arcade/pool hall Air Hockey game, in which 2 players attempt to score goals against each other by hitting a "puck" with their "mallet" on a table which effects an air cushion for the puck to glide upon. The object of the game is to be the first player to score seven goals in a game. There is also a Head to Head play option, where two players use the same handset to play against each other.

Main Menu

* Quickplay: Allows the user to begin a quickplay game.
* Challenge Play: Allows the user to create a username to track Objectives and Statistics.
* Head to Head: Allows two players to play a game on the same handset.
* Settings: Within this menu the user can toggle sound, vibration, and tutorial on and off; and
can reset the game data.
* Help & About: These options display instructions and information on how to play the game, as
well as customer service info and copyright information.
* More Games: Displays a link to find more games for your phone.
* Exit: Exits the game.

How to Play
Start the game by selecting one of the three available game modes:

Quickplay - Select whether you would like to play with power-ups on or off, and then select the difficulty level. Once ready, select Play Now! to start the game.

Challenge Play - Select whether you would like to start a new challenge or continue a saved game. For a new game, you can also set the difficulty level and create a player name in one of the eight save slots. On the Objectives screen, select Play Now! to start the game.

Head to Head - Select whether you would like to play with power-ups on or off, and once ready select Play Now! to start the game.

To hit the puck, simply press the OK key. Hold it down for longer, more powerful shots. The first player to score 7 goals wins the game.


* Hold the OK key down for longer, faster shots.
* Choose your shots carefully, or you may leave yourself open for the other player to score.

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