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    Now you can record Voice Notes while talking on your BlackBerry. Berry Record is the first BlackBerry application that lets you do this. If you have a tendency to forget something while on the phone, you can go to Berry Record and record some Voice Notes when you don't have that pen and paper nearby. Here are some of the Features Berry Record has to offer.

    * Record voice notes while using phone application
    * Integrates Record Note button in phone application
    * Record voice notes from the application menu
    * Save your Voice Notes to phone or media card

    Here’s how it works:

    1. Open the Berry Record.
    2. Click the menu button and click on “Settings.”
    3. While on a call, click menu button then click “Record Notes.”
    4. When finished, just click the menu button and click Stop “Recording Notes.”

    If you want the Berry Record app, it is available for $2.00 in the store and in the Mobile App Store.

    via: Berry Record - Personal Productivity Blackberry Apps

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