The BlackBerry Curve 8300 series can now grab the QuickLaunch version 2.08.

QuickLaunch is an application that is easy and very functional. Below are the updates for the new version 2.0

* Backup / Restore to .txt fil
* Built-in Screen Capture function
* Launch Media Explorer
* Integrated Google, Wikipedia and Dictionary dot com search
* Customizable Submenus
* Additional apps and functions
* Display Current Temperature
* Alphabetize items
* Easier Setup with Installed Applications List
* Volume Button Scrolling
* Small, medium and large font sizes
* System Menu Integration
* Improved Performance

If you bought the QuickLaunch after April 1st, you will be eligible for a free upgrade and for you who bought it before April 1st, you can upgrade for $1.99.

via: QuickLaunch v2.0 Now Available For The BlackBerry Curve 8300 Series | BlackBerry Rocks!

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