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    Can I use an unlocked blackberry in Peru, by inserting a local SIM card? Any suggestions, or things I need to look out for if I am considering buying a used/unlocked bberry on Ebay?


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    Re: Can I use an unlocked blackberry in Peru?

    If it's a GSM version and you insert a sim card supported by a GSM provider it will.

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    Re: Can I use an unlocked blackberry in Peru?


    Yes as long as you buy a GSM Blackberry that accepts a sim card

    then yes you can use it in Peru with any Peruvian network that uses sim cards(gsm)

    But remember your phone needs to be unlocked to work in peru.

    If you buy a GSM blackberry and it is not unlocked.
    We can unlock it for you

    Sometimes it is cheaper to buy a locked cellphone and unlock it your self

    Let me know if you have any questions,

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