One application worth having for your BlackBerry Tour is the QuickLaunch v2.11, which has now been released. Some of the great features of the QuickLaunch v2.11 are listed below. But first see v2.0 features

Features in v2.0:

* Backup / Restore to .txt fil
* Built-in Screen Capture function
* Launch Media Explorer
* Integrated Google, Wikipedia and Dictionary dot com search
* Create Custom Submenus
* More apps and functions to Add
* Current Temperature display
* Alphabetically add items
* Installed Application list now has easier Setup
* Volume Button Scrolling
* Small, medium and large font sizes
* System Menu Integration
* Better and Improved Performance
* Display Time in 12 or 24 hour format
* Title Bar Color change option
* Display Date in titlebar
* Shazam app support
* Supports BBTran app
* Activation code displayed in QL Options
* QL App Switcher added – displays currently running apps in the QL Menu and allows you to switch to them like bb’s app switcher
* “Now Playing…” added

New feature in v2.11:

* Stay Lit – This will allows the backlight to stay on and can be found in the Add Applications section.

If you purchased QuickLaunch after April 1st, you will be eligible for a free upgrade. If you purchased it before then, you can upgrade for $1.99. If you already have QuickLaunch on a different BlackBerry but want to transfer it to your Tour you will have send an email to [email protected] and let them know.

QuickLaunch is available for $4.99 in the store and in the on-device Mobile App Store.

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