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    BlackBerry Storm 2, it is not still some of us think that the authenticity of this phone? In fact, the exposure we have had before the BlackBerry Storm 2, as well as the real machine picture of the Storm 2 and Storm Control Drawing tours, and still do not have much information on the Storm 2 reasons, it is because there is news that this phone is expected to available for sale date is the end of the year, so we also need to wait patiently.

    BlackBerry Storm 2 come out of Vodafone Germany

    Recent information on Vodafone in Germany, we once again found on the BlackBerry Storm 2 news, it seems that Vodafone, the world’s top operators will be interested in this product customized. However, exposure of the information is still hard to find on sale date for the Storm 2, which may be considered to be the end of this year, please phone a friend like this and then wait patiently, perhaps Vodafone will give us a pleasant surprise.

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    Re: BlackBerry Storm 2 exposed in Vodafone Germany

    thats crazy, i have a storm on telus in canada. cant wait for the storm 2 =)

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