C'mon RIM! Why waste more development resources and customers' limited attention spans on 'new' smartphones that are not much different from recently launched versions?
A recent blog entry (still cannot paste links, since I do not have enough posts!) on phonearena.com about a new Blackberry 9600 coming for TMobile prompted this note.

What I find intolerable is when device manufacturers start pumping out similar-looking models with very few tweaks and changes in form factor and/or feature set. This 9600 seems to basically replace the trackball with the trackpad, and offer WiFi. This is hardly different from the 8900 Bold, and 9630 form factors (though the 9630 does have global network support).

Each new smartphone should be developed to address either a new segment, or appeal to upgraders with updated form factors, feature sets, and marketing splash. Otherwise, what made RIM & Apple's smartphones unique will give way to similarities with customers' current perception of me-too handset manufacturers like Samsung & LG. Analogy to reference and learn from within the Automotive industry - we just don't want yet another Camry or Ford Taurus where nothing much is different except the model year.

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Please let me know if other customers agree with my POV on smartphones and what we expect from manufacturers.

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