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    According to Cool Guy Report, there are three brand new Blackberry phones that have been spotted; the BlackBerry Essex, Strike (9100) and the Curve 8530 (Curve 2).

    Although not much is know about these three phones, below are some of the features on each.

    Blackberry Essex is more like the Tour 2 that comes with 3G, CDMA and WiFi-along with a trackpad and is considered a Touchscreen.

    Blackberry Striker 9100 also has 3G and is more on the slimmer slide than the 9700 (Bold 2) also equipped with trackpad.

    Blackberry Curve 8530 is the CDMA variant of the 8520.

    RIM is said to have at least 16 more handsets coming out next year.

    via: THE-COOL-GUY-REPORT: Upcoming Blackberry Phones: Should I wait?


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