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    why i cant send contact from my samsung phone to my blackberry? i have to type it one by one..

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    Re: transfer contacts from samsung to blackberry

    what samsung phone do you have? If you sync it with outlook you can...


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    Re: transfer contacts from samsung to blackberry

    Moving from BlackBerry to Android is an easy process, too.
    1. Open Google Sync on your BlackBerry.
    2. Choose “Sync Now” to make sure the most current contact information is added to your Google account.
    3. Open the “Accounts & Sync” app on your Android phone from the gear icon.
    4. Touch “Google.” Touch to add a checkmark to “Sync Contacts.”
    5. Touch “Sync Now” to sync.
    6. Open your contacts app. Touch the arrow next to “Phonebook” to open the drop down menu. Make sure “Google” is checked. You will now see all your synced contacts.
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    Re: transfer contacts from samsung to blackberry

    Turn on Bluetooth on both devices and make sure the Samsung is set as discoverable.
    From the BlackBerry, search for devices and pair with the Galaxy.
    Verify that the code on both devices is the same and indicate that on both device prompts.
    Click on the Samsung in the list on the BlackBerry, which should pop up a little menu.
    Middle or Top right corner menu item should be 'Transfer Contacts' . Select that and let the transfer complete by accepting it on the Samsung.

    Please note that there are no messages on the Samsung that the contacts have been imported. Only do this once, or else you'll end up with duplicated contacts on the Samsung.

    Your results will vary based on the BlackBerry as source. My wife's transferred one time with no problem, where my daughter ended up having to import each contact one by one on the list of contacts as they appeared in the transfer list.

    There is a step by step tutorial: how to transfer blackberry contacts to iphone

    Hope this helps.

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    Re: transfer contacts from samsung to blackberry

    Do you think about this question? transfer between different android phone is not difficult ,but the key is that you how to do , easily and fast transfer tool only care about it is operation speeds, but ignore it is securely issue after transfer,i personal recommend you use the professional tool to transfer ,

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    Re: transfer contacts from samsung to blackberry

    I have noticed it is harder to transfer contacts to blackberry then other devices typically are. You can't do it via bluetooth. Your best bet is syncing you contacts to an email address like gmail or outlook and use that to pull your contacts down onto the account.

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    Re: transfer contacts from samsung to blackberry

    Exciting to see new BlackBerry phones

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