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    Is there a significant difference from the new Blackbery Bold 9700. Then the last Bold?

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    Re: Difference between Blackberry Bold 9700 and original

    There are too many differences!!!

    We're actually writing a review and creating a video to show a comparison between the 2 devices.

    Just a quick summary,

    1.) Bold 1 = Trackball, Bold 2 = Trackpad -- much smoother with the pad
    2.) 9700 is a lot smaller and lighter than the 9000
    3.) 9700 battery life is better
    4.) 9700 has 5.0 pre-installed on it. Text messaging looks like the iPhone texting now or kind of like the new Blackberry messenger

    Check out our blog. We've given a little more details on these differences. We'll be having a video coming soon to show the difference in quality between pictures and videos as well as much more!

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    Re: Difference between Blackberry Bold 9700 and original

    I got the new bold the first day it came out on Bell Mobility..

    It's smaller, less weight, it has a trackpad instead of the ball (new technology )
    and it takes up less space in your pocket..
    my ex-gf got the original bold and it was a very chunky thing..
    The new bold is also sexier and the texting looks much better..

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