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    Apologies for starting an unlock code thread.

    I got a cingular locked blackberry 7290 from a friend of mine for free. He got a new blackberry and claims that this one had problems calling and couldn't hold a call for more than a few seconds.

    Knowing this, I'm hesitant to spend money on an unlock code to get my T-Mobile SIM card to work. As it may turn out to be worthless.

    Considering that this is a rather old phone after all, i was hoping that someone who is able to generate these codes could throw me one. If not, i understand.


    Thanks! All the best.

    See More: Blackberry 7290 unlock code beg =[

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    Re: Blackberry 7290 unlock code beg =[

    i don't have an unlock code, but i just want to advise you NOT to pay for an unlock code, since you can buy the 7290 unlocked now for about 30$

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