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    Just bought a new BlackBerry 9000 Bold and I'm on the T-Mobile network in the UK. The phone came free with an 18 month contract that includes 700 minutes, unlimited texts and unlimited web usage - all for only £25 per month.

    I love the Bold, the screen is large and beautiful, the keyboard is easy to use, the 3G is fast and the reception is excellent. The phone is a breeze to use and quite intuitive.

    The only complaint I have is that the camera is quite low quality. However I knew that going in and did NOT choose the new Bold 9700 even though it is smaller and has a better camera. The new Bold was too expensive for me.

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    Re: BlackBerry 9000 Bold Review

    a good newer option at the moment is the blackberry 8900, its cheaper then the 9000 and is using a 3.2Mpix camera, unfortunately it doesnt have the 3G, thats maybe a minor thing

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    Re: BlackBerry 9000 Bold Review

    Alhtough the new Bold is a bit more expensive, the battery is by far better than the old one! Your experiences?

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