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    Hi, can someone pls tell me the pros and cons of these two phones? Appreciate your reply.

    See More: Blackberry vs iphone

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    Re: Blackberry vs iphone

    Blackberry Pros:
    - Available from just about an provider
    - Instant email access
    - Blackberry messenger
    - Decent keyboard
    - expandable MicroSD card slot (I have 16 GB in mine

    iPhone Pros:
    - Tons of apps!!
    - Designed well, nice display
    - The app store

    Blackberry Cons:
    - Not allot of great apps
    - Trackball can get stuck (although new BBs have optical pads)

    iPhone Cons:
    - AT&T... need I say more (ask people living in SF or NYC)
    - For me the iPhone being exclusively on AT&T is a deal killer
    - no keyboard
    - memory not expandable

    my 2 cents
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    Re: Blackberry vs iphone

    Thanks mate
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    Re: Blackberry vs iphone

    Announced to start November 14-th this BlackBerry Storm positioned as “iPhone killer”. Well, will it? Let’s have a closer look for BlackBerry vs iPhone 3G battle.

    Dimensions and design
    BlackBerry Storm is smaller vs iPhone but somehow thicker. iPhone looks IMHO more stylish.
    +1 for iPhone

    Like iPhone BlackBerry Storm has a bright and clear touch screen, but has a click-push button effect that brings a new tactile experience to a Gadget and Gizmos world.
    +1 for BlackBerry Storm

    Both iPhone and BlackBerry Storm have touch screen user interfaces with horizontal and portrait views (both auto rotating), scrolling, pan and zoom options. iPhone’s interface looks somehow clear and better.
    +1 for iPhone

    Similar to iPhone dialing screen with quick contacts dialing, BlackBerry Storm has a voice dialing option.
    +1 for BlackBerry Storm

    As iPhone BlackBerry Storm has a full bunch of messaging options, but has no iPhone’s biggest gaps – it has Copy-Paste option, message forwarding and delivery confirmation reports with no additional manipulations needed.
    +2 for BlackBerry Storm

    BlackBerry Storm is equipped with a real-HTML browser quite similar iPhones. It has zooming options and page cashing. Actually at the moment there is no information if Storm’s browser is Flash capable while iPhone is known as none.

    Both BlackBerry Storm and iPhone have music and video players, BlackBerry Storm is a little more useful while allows you to upload you MP3 stuff with no need to have iTunes or smht on the PC you are downloading from that makes the process easier. Actually, if you are iTunes fan – it’s a bug +Plus for buying iPhone decision, but if you aren’t – ability to get stuff not only by “iTuned” PC or Mac will make you choose BlackBerry Storm.

    BlackBerry Storm comes with a lot of preinstalled stuff. Well, it can be quite enough for you and you’ll never need for smth else. iPhone’s big +Plus it’s, sure, AppStore. BlackBerry-lovers will argue that it has a lot of applications for BlackBerry available, but friendly speaking, it is incomparable with Apple’s AppStore.
    +2 for iPhone

    BlackBerry Storm allows to make 3.2MPx vs iPhone out-of-date 2.0 MPx pictures and it records video. I should mention that BlackBerry Storm has built-in flash that makes this gadget’s camera much more useful.
    +2 for BlackBerry Storm

    Both devices has maps using built-in GPS.

    Both devices has mini-jack phones connector, BlackBerry Storm has microSD(TM)/SDHDA slot that gives you ability not just to increase available memory capacity (iPhone is 16Gb maximum), but use your computer card reader to simply download / upload all your stuff. And, sure, you can have more than one card (it’s 16Gb cards available in the market, but, hope, it will take not much time for 32 and more).
    +1 for BlackBerry Storm

    Availability and Prices
    Both gadgets are about $200 with all-that d**n plans, but BlackBerry Storm gives you ability to use any other 3G network – if its actually critical for you.

    The Conclusion
    Well, simply counting we’ll get +4 for iPhone vs +7 for BlacvBerry Storm. But… what are these “pluses” equal? iPhone pluses for design, user interface, iTunes and AppStore vs BlackBerry Storm – for camera, copy-paste, messaging and flash card. It’s up to you what do you need more.

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    Re: Blackberry vs iphone

    Thats good pros for the Blackberry and I would definitely say go with Blackberry

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    Re: Blackberry vs iphone

    This is an awesome thread!

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    Re: Blackberry vs iphone

    Iphone 3GS for entertainment > any phone on the market and yes i have had a blackberry phone before.

    Blackbery for business >

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    Re: Blackberry vs iphone

    best thread

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    Re: Blackberry vs iphone

    iPhone Forever

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    Re: Blackberry vs iphone

    theyre both great phones i mean i recently had a blackberry bold until epicdraw.com sent me a free iphone then i decided to switch to iphone
    i can easily say im much happier with the iphone , it all depends on the person really

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