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    Cell Phone
    LG enV2
    Verizon Wireless
    my contract for my enV2 is up and i really wanted to get a blackberry, but i don't know which one i should get
    Curve 8530 or Tour??

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    Re: Which one??

    The BlackBerry Curve has T-Mobile or AT&T carrier support. I am not sure how far Verizon has gone to improve their network. My biggest gripe is customer service. I had Verizon about 3-years ago and the CS was rotten.

    I do like the LG enV2 QWERTY keyboard. I think it is better than BlackBerry's QWERTY. The ability to access V-Cast services is another huge plus. I can't believe all of the services now available through Verizon. It really comes down to the OS. I need my BlackBerry for work. The BlackBerry OS can access a suite of mobile applications compatible with my desktop at the office.

    For entertainment I would choose the LG smartphone. For work and a little entertainment, the BlackBerry Curve is my choice.
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