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    Unlike the happiness Blackberry Storm 1 users experienced with the 5.0 OS upgrade, the long awaited 5.0 upgrade for the Tour has left users scrambling back to the 4.7 OS. They quickly discovered that there are many issues with the new 5.0 OS for their phone. Many of these bugs are very obvious and annoying. Tour users are calling the upgrade an absolute failure on RIMs part.

    Users are reporting problems like...
    • Reduced battery life
    • Reboot time increased
    • Weaker signal
    • Clicking on links in the browser takes 2-5 times before working
    • MMS audio clips get appended to the end of ringtone alerts even after being deleted
    • Enabling the bluetooth connection sometimes does not work
    • Bluetooth speaker volume is very low when connected to hands free device
    • Many memory leaks
    • Home icons randomly re-arrange themselves
    • SMS messages get appended to voicemail text alert threads - only way to then send messages to that person is to delete the voicemail thread

    It seems that Verizon has yet to acknowledge this issue and provide a solution. Unfortunately, the only solution to these problems currently is downgrading to 4.7, which many are doing.

    via Known issues with OS for Verizon Tour 9630 - BlackBerry Forums at

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    Re: RIM botches Blackberry Tour 5.0 upgrade

    yea the update erased everything on my friend's phone and made it inoperable, she had to get a replacement sent to her

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