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    The only question I have related to this curve 8900 is, does it support PDF files and excel sheet. I would need this on a regular basis, so before going ahead and garbing one, please let me know? While coming across its specifications, I am unable to find that it has Microsoft editor or not? I would be grateful if anyone can help me to get this information.

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    Re: 8900, does it support PDF file

    Yes it does support these file types. Through the Blackberry download app, you can get all these if you want. Adobe has an app for viewing PDFs but it's got a little hefty price tag for a phone app (I think so anyway ): $14. Cerience has better ratings for their reader, but theirs is $15.

    If you go into the Applications folder inside the Blackberry menu, there is a "lite" version of Excel, PowerPoint, and Word. These are free and included, but you have to pay for the full versions and all the features. I think these are Cerience apps too.

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