So, I got my phone from a friend. He had it rigged somehow to use it for Boost. Its not an "authorized" phone because when I called for help one time, they told me it wasn't because they don't use SIM card-and my phone has one. Even though it says Boost on it. So now, I'm wondering if I can register it online at Virgin Mobile's website or if I call? I went on there to try it but Virgin's new phones have either 11 or 18 digit ESN or MEID serial numbers, and thats what you enter in. My phone is a 15 digit IMEI number. Is this still a serial number? Anyway, I'm under the impression my phone is unlocked (because I had the blackberry on Boost before they even started selling them) but it doesn't have the full internet capabilities. My texts barely work. But that's another story. Sorry if it all sounds confusing, but I just want to know can I get this phone on the Virgin network? I just don't want to buy a $300 blackberry from them when I already have one. Thanks.

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