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I would like to share with you about Simple Trax. This software helpful to Where are your kids? Your drivers? Your sales team? And where the heck did you leave your BlackBerry this time? With SimpleTrax GPS service, you’ll know where all of these important people are all of the time. And you’ll even be able to find your BlackBerry again.

SimpleTrax keeps you in touch using GPS technology on any GPS-equipped BlackBerry, and in the days ahead, our app will work on any GPS-equipped cell phone, as well. More Benefits are Keep track of your kids. Are they where they’re supposed to be? SimpleTrax runs in the background so you monitor employees or loved ones without hurt feelings. It’s your business. It’s your family. You want to know where everybody is.SimpleTrax provides easy-to-visualize, GPS-generated maps to track all family and staff at a glance, enabling you to prepare for returning drivers or a herd of hungry kids heading your way.

SimpleTrax is the easiest, most cost-efficient means of monitoring your people, your loved ones, friends and colleagues who’ve installed our SimpleTrax GPS application on their Blackberries. Simply put, SimpleTrax is the only GPS service you need.

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