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    I recently bought an unlocked BlackBerry bold over an UK website. Before buying it, I made sure to ask them whether its functions will work in Denmark, which is where I live...
    However, they ensured me and said yes..

    But I am experiencing problems. I can not set up an email account(hotmail), because my only option is to use an enterprise account? Nor can I use blackberry chat or App world. Whenever I add a contact, it says pending for days and adding myself doesn't help. I also don't recieve any notifications.

    Can anyone tell me why I am having these issues?

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    Re: Email and bbm on blackerry bold

    i would try calling your network and see if they can help. you may just need to finish "configuring" your internet, which means moving it over to your new network

    google has never been a wrong way to try and figure something out there are local stores as well that may be able to troubleshoot it on the spot

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