Does anyone know what site I can go and get a free unlock code for my Device Type: BlackBerry 8520
Application Version: v5.0.0.592
Platform Version:
Service Books: RIM_IM,BISClientConfig,PROVISIONING,BBIM,APPWORLD,YHO,BBIMConfig,BBIMConfig,BBIMConfig,OTASL,BBIM,BBIM,LbsConfig,KEYNEGO,KEYNEGO,CMIME,CICAL,CMIME,CICAL,CICAL,SYNC,CMIME,CICAL,SYNC,WPTCP,BrowserConfig,WAPPushConfig,WAP,WPTCP,BrowserConfig,BrowserConfig,BrowserConfig,BrowserConfig,BrowserConfig,IPPP,BrowserConfig,IPPP,BrowserConfig,BrowserConfig
Free File Space: 104796985 bytes
Radio Data Activation: Yes
Signal Level: -79 dBm
Radio Access: EDGE
Network: MTN
IP Address:
ICMP Ping Echo: Yes
BlackBerry Registration: Yes
Connected to BlackBerry: Yes
BlackBerry PIN-PIN: Yes
Server Name: BISE07C19S09
I don't have the MTN sim I used with the phone but I can't make or receive calls / sms / mms I went to a site but at the end I must buy the process to get a code.

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