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    hum I bought Bold 9700 IN HI and I never could Operator access options As financial (payments, transfers) from my bank account in Brazil by the browser, just as op & # 231; & # 245; s query (Balance extract, etc.) to make this chip could access through (World HI). I changed a paragraph LIVE and now can not access more options like the Financial Account, do, because I get through CHIP LIVE, A Message That My phone does not support this access. I complained to hum alive who told me That I Request That hum Deveria HI My Problem solved. I am more aware of and in HI who is only a matter of configuration. Can anyone help me with tip configuration or even a website I can access the doing. By JA tried Opera Mini and access so I can query options. Thanks, Carlos Henrique

    See More: (BOLD 9700) Access to the Bank of Brazil
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