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    Hello there, please all you technology wizards out there. I am wanting to flash a Sprint blackberry 8530 over to another carrier. My step son and I have been through the ringer on prices of his bill through our current carrier. We have a deal that if I could get this done, he would step up and get a job to pay for his own service through someone cheaper....or one he will ne able to afford....please I would love to see him actually have to be responsible for his mouth and commit to his promise. Hey thanks in advance

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    Re: sprint blackberry 8530 flash/unlock

    Hi Zoneyri,
    I hope by now you have resolved your problem, but in case you have not, I just want you know that I have the same exact phone and was able to unlock it for about $20 thru the internet, and I had it flashed at a Cellular Shop. I then connected it with Page Plus for $45 for unlimited talking and text, you just don't get internet.

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