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    So today my ostensibly broke girlfriend comes home with a box with five brand new Blackberry Torches. I ask her if she can't afford fuel, how the heck can she afford five brand new phones?

    She said she's working for a company out of England called "House Of Color Brush" /"Xenxia LLC", and she had to get the phones for them, and she's sending them to Benin.

    So I spoke to her employer, a certain Richard Lanzauhm. He claims to be from Inverness, Scotland but currently residing in Dagenham. This person has only contacted her via yahoo. His English is a tad anomalous. The outfit western unioned her $150 to send them four of the five phones, tmy g/f is to keep one, and they are to pay monthly by western unioning her money every month.

    I told her that seemed GOSH DANG HINKY. No way to secure her phones, dunno if the torch is export controlled to benin.. no way to be sure someone in Benin will pay. Anyone heard of a scam like this? Other than jacking them for their $150, is there a good method of counterscam? If they're trying to work her for money I wanna turn around and work them if I can.

    See More: Is this a scam? have you heard of this?
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    Re: Is this a scam? have you heard of this?

    that' sound odd.. you cant just send that stuff.. it sound anomalous really... check with the authority if there is registered company with that name.. to begin with..

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    Re: Is this a scam? have you heard of this?

    sounds like a scam to me. Be careful

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