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    The BlackBerry Playbook, that RIM has come out with, will indeed support Android and BlackBerry java applications according to RIM. RIM announced the support for the BlackBerry Playbook but said that it will not happen until later this summer. The BlackBerry PlayBook will not have this support when it launches on April 19th, but as reported, it will happen later.

    Users of the BlackBerry PlayBook will find it easier to download the Java and Android apps, as the BlackBerry PlayBook will have two "app players" that are optional. Android 2.3 apps will be the only compatible apps as of right now for BlackBerry Tablet OS.

    Not only will the BlackBerry PlayBook support the Android and Java apps, but according to RIM, the PlayBook will also get AirPlay and Unity 3 games, thanks to the support from Ideaworks Labs and Unity Technologies.

    RIM will demo the app players for BlackBerry Java and Android applications in Orlando, Florida during May 3 and May 5.

    via: BlackBerry - Press Releases

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