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    Despite waning market share, RIM's BlackBerrys still play an important role among the lives of many individuals. Whether it is battery life, e-mail use or a physical keyboard, there are many advantages to the Blackberry line. Here are five tips to gain more efficiency and ease-of-use out of your BlackBerry device.

    • Enable JavaScript

      Most Blackberry phones have JavaScript disabled by default. Enabling JavaScript will increase the rate at which websites load and reduce memory use. To enable JavaScript, go to 'Options > Browser Configuration > Support JavaScript' and turn it 'On'.

    • Easy-Locking with the Mute Button

      For BlackBerry models that have a mute button at the top of the device, this may also serve as a lock button. To test, press and hold the mute button. If your screen turns off in less than five seconds, you have an easier method of locking your screen.

    • Adjust Trackball Sensitivity

      You can adjust both the vertical and horizontal sensitivities of your BlackBerry trackball. Go to 'Options > Screen and Keyboard' and you will find both options at the bottom of the menu.

    • Auto-On and Off

      To conserve BlackBerry battery lifespan even more, you can adjust your phone to automatically shut down and restart at specific times such as when you are asleep. Go to 'Options > Auto On/Off' and select what specific days and times for your phone to turn off and on.

    • Install Alternative Apps

      For applications that do not have an installer, use the JAR file to install it on your BlackBerry. Connect your BlackBerry to your computer via USB. Enable mass storage mode on the device and copy the JAR file to your BlackBerry (when you enable mass storage, the BlackBerry should appear on your computer as a hard drive). Disconnect BlackBerry from the computer and open the JAR with the 'Media' app and install it.

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    Re: 5 Blackberry OS Tricks and Shortcuts

    Sensitivity really helped thx

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    Re: 5 Blackberry OS Tricks and Shortcuts

    Nice information! BlackBerry is really awesome!
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