CommandClick is activated with 1-4 keyclicks of the Convenience, Escape, Mute, and Call End keys.
It quickly sends pre-written texts or emails with optional location and launches your Apps with a keystroke - no digging through menus.
If you are are always clicking the Convenience Keys (and launching Voice Dial or your camera) when you pick up your phone, use CommandClick to disable single-click functions, and add back your Convenience Key functions as double-clicks.
If you're having trouble getting the App to work:
a) Ensure that you've given the App the permissions it needs. Start it up- if it displays a message asking for correct permissions, and you don't know how to do this, please contact us for assistance.
b) Assuming permissions are correct, reboot your phone by pulling the battery, or holding ALT, Right-caps, and DEL at that same time. Rebooting your phone will take 1-2 minutes (it is not the same as turning it off and on).
If you're having trouble sending a Text:
If you've set up a command to send a SMS Text, but the Text does not arrive at its destination, ensure that the SMS number is correctly formatted. The number should NOT include leading long distance/international prefixes such as 1, 0, or 00.
How do I use my BlackBerry Convenience keys with CommandClick?
BlackBerrys have one or two Convenience keys. They are configured in the Options and they can launch a single App with a single keyclick. To use the keys with CommandClick, you will need to set the Convenience key, in the Options, to "Do Nothing".
CommandClick will allow you to set up to four different apps to start on each Convenience key. To start one App, you might single-click, while to start another app, you can double-click. Each key can be set to recognize 1-4 clicks in a row.
You can choose to use one or both of your Convenience keys with CommandClick.
My Camera is set up to use a Convenience Key. Should I leave it alone?
BlackBerrys with a camera may have a dedicated Convenience key that starts the camera App, and takes the picture. The key may have a "half press" function to enable you to prefocus.
You should still be able to use CommandClick with this key, by setting it to "Do nothing" in the Options, and then setting the Single-Click function in CommandClick to activate the camera.
It's easy to try it and change it back, so you might want to experiment with it. If you're happy with the camera function inside CommandClick, you will be able to set up the other three keyclicks for that Convenience key.
How do I upgrade CommandClick Trial to the full version?
Simply install the full version. You don't need to delete CommandClick Trial. Your key configurations will be saved.
What happens when the CommandClick Trial expires?
After the Trial expires, CommandClick will stop executing the CommandClick keystrokes. It will use minimal resources until you uninstall it.

How do I uninstall CommandClick or CommandClick Trial?
If you installed via BlackBerry App World, you can uninstall it by clicking My World and then clearing the Install/Delete check box for CommandClick. You can also use the instructions below.

To uninstall manually:
-Select Options from the BlackBerry home menu.
-Select Advanced Options
-Select Applications. A list will be displayed.
-Click the Menu (BlackBerry) key, and select Modules.
-On this list, look for CommandClick. The list is alphabetical.
-Highlight the line for CommandClick, and click the Menu key.
-Select Delete.
-After selecting "Delete" for the question, you will likely need to reboot your Blackberry to complete the delete process.
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